Liftoff – Sunday Morning Airplay

On this new record, Liftoff takes flight on a blissed out journey drenched in acid soaked melodies and 808 beats. Escape into the void and join them on their infinite quest for endless summers and higher states.

Featuring 13 songs for the true flower power generation, Liftoff invites you to sing along to their psychedelic campfire songs amidst strawberry fields and marshmeadows. Meet Emily, Mary, Alice and Katherine along the way and let them be your guide.

Liftoff features Steve Raskin and Rob Myers from Fort Knox Five and Thunderball along with long-time collaborators Steven Albert & Johnna Raskin.
So light up and tune in to Sunday Morning Airplay and lose yourself in the dreamy lo-fi glow of Liftoff.

The album will be released on January 17th, 2012.

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