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COUNTDOWN… THREE…Swirling, Psychedelic Pop vocals and mythical lyrics delivered on a fragile skewer? Check! TWO… Pulsing backbeats and guru-level production? Check! ONE… An epic tale of music that was too ahead of its time that it was almost lost to eternity? Check! We have LIFTOFF!
Fort Knox Recordings presents “Sunday Morning Airplay” the debut album from Liftoff. On this new record, Liftoff takes flight on a blissed-out journey drenched in acid-soaked melodies and 808 beats. Escape into the void and join them on their infinite quest for endless summers and higher states. Featuring 13 songs for the new flower power generation, Liftoff invites you to sing along to their psychedelic campfire songs amidst strawberry fields and marshmeadows.

Guitar/Singer/Songwriter Steven Albert (Fort Knox Five and Thunderball collaborator) leads the band with vocal pipes so tender and true they send one’s astral projection straight to the year the music died. Coupled with the haunting harmonies of Johnna Raskin (aka Miss Johnna M of Thunderball and Speedy Consuela) you’d swear they were a brother/sister act, if not even Mamas and Papas! But that’s just the icing. The cake is layer upon layer of textures, lo-fi samples, drum loops, acoustic instruments & sound effects, played, produced and mixed by the inimitable Steve Raskin (of Fort Knox Five and Thunderball) who for this album seems to have been working on a higher plane. Throw in Rob Myers (Fort Knox Five, Thievery Corporation, Thunderball, See-I and International Velvet) for a little mood filtering, string strumming and the obligatory Sitar riff and you have a recipe for one heady trip.
Interestingly, this is an album that almost never was! All of the tracks were started with such innocence, daring and musical curiosity that little attention was paid to data protection. Drives were lost, entire systems were wiped, in some cases nothing but a stereo mix remains of an entire recording session! The songs were built, dreamt and tracked in the dawn of the new millenium, and finally realized this year. The result is nothing less than Fort Knox Recordings’ very own “Smile.”

So light up and tune in to “Sunday Morning Airplay” and lose yourself in the dreamy lo-fi glow of Liftoff.

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Buy the CD – $10.00

Get Sunday Morning Airplay on iTunes » | Get WAV files on Beatport »


Liftoff – Live at the Black Cat – Jan. 19th!

Check out Liftoff’s Album release party where they will be performing songs from their new album “Sunday Morning Airplay”
Fort Knox Five and Thunderball will also DJ before and after the performance!

$8 Backstage / Doors at 8:00

See you there!

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AOL/ premieres Liftoff’s debut album, Sunday Morning Airplay.

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Sunday Morning Airplay on

Liftoff – Summer Shown (Video)

Check out a new video of “Summer Shown” featured on the upcoming debut album, Sunday Morning Airplay.
The album will be released on 17 January 2012.

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